Air Dancers For Sale

Air Dancers For Sale

We have air dancers for sale! We manufacture our air dancers and inflatable dancing man balloons in the USA. From simple 20 ft. straight tube dancers to giant two leg dancing man balloons.

air dancer - red

Air dancers made in the USA.

Do you know what kind of airdancer you want? We offer great prices and custom designs. Most companies in the business use one of two models of inflation fans. We’ve found both to be of good quality. Most of the blowers come with a one year warranty and will probably last most longer. The fabric part of the dancer will not last nearly that long with daily use. You may need to replace the fabric part once a month if you want it to stay looking fresh. The blower is forcing air through the tube and with the air any dirt or debris that is around. Sooooo, your dancer will get dirty from the inside and the outside. The cleaner the surrounding area the better for your balloon.

Also, the sun degrades the fabric and the constant whipsaw by the blower stresses it. We ask a lot of that light weight fabric and it has improved greatly over the last 10 years.

Having said all that —— these airdancers are still a very attractive and affordable promotion tool.

Dancing balloons, air dancers, sky dancers or whatever you call them can help drive traffic to your business or event.


two leg red color airdancer advertising balloon

2 Leg AirDancers Get Noticed!

Santa Claus - air dancer

Santa Claus Air Dancers for Sale

We have air dancers for general sales and for seasonal promotions.

Dancer Tubes in stock and we custom make airdancers!

Halloween air dancer

Airdancers for all holidays!


Call 1-800-791-1445 for airdancer information.

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